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  • only Farcaster accounts with an active badge OR created before Farcaster went permissionless can post bounties or services (FID #20939 cutoff)
  • we currently support USDC, ETH, Warps, $degen, and SOL for bounties

Bounty examples:

  • 0.1 ETH for fixing this issue [link] in the next 3 weeks. Please share any relevant experience and confirm with me first before working on this @bountybot
  • I need restaurant recs for my Paris trip. Favorite answer gets 5 USDC @bountybot

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Service examples:

  • I’m a designer doing freelance work. Here is my portfolio: [link]. Reply here or message me if interested @‌bountybot
  • I’m offering up Italian lessons over video calls for $35 per hour. I grew up in Italy and am fluent. Please reach out if interested @‌bountybot

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