Bountycaster x Onchain Summer Buildathon

Onchain summer buildathon
To kickstart Onchain Summer, Base is hosting one of the largest online hackathons dedicated to bringing the world onchain, together with leading builders and innovators.

But there are new use cases that we’re not even dreaming about today. That’s why Bountycaster is teaming up with Base to organize a decentralized hackathon on Farcaster. Anyone can post or work on a bounty of their choice.

Are you a builder looking for your next challenge? Take a look at the community-hosted bounties to see if there's something you want to build. The buildathon ends June 30th, if you're a Farcaster user you can reply directly to the bounty post to make a submission. If you're not, submit through our form below.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Neither Base or Coinbase has any affiliation with any Bountycaster bounties for Onchain Summer. The bounty hosts are solely responsible for the design and payout of each bounty.

Community bounties